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We have got an absolutely special podcast Today! We will be discussing one of the most controversial musky projects that has ever took place in the state of Wisconsin! The “Failure” of the Nancy Lake Musky Project! Huge thanks to Larry Ramsell and Pete Maina for shedding light to this project! Please comment below your thoughts! We would love to hear your guy’s opinions!!

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  1. In the mid to late 90's I was in Hayward and I heard about Nancy Lake through a friend that guides in the area. So a couple of us took a trip to Nancy for a half day. We ended up with a 40" fish, which was of average build. I want to say this was in the summer period.

  2. The lake I have a cottage on, Solberg Lake near Phillips WI, used to be a very good lake for muskies. The DNR stopped stocking in 2000. Then the Lake Association voted to lower the size limit to 28” just as WI was raising the statewide limit to 40” or greater. Our Association has a majority of members who hate muskies and some even admitted to me they kill any Muskie they catch. I have kept a fishing log since 1976 thru the present. Up until about 2008 I caught 24 to 39 legal fish each year with the larger fish from 46” to 52”. But I noticed in 2008 I was rarely seeing any fish smaller than 36”. Now it’s like fishing for exercise only. Even the bigger fish are not there either. I saw only 6 last year.

  3. How come they were able to be put into the madison chain then? Same with the dnr putting Great Lakes strain in certain lakes in Wisconsin? Are there certain dnr biologists in certain areas of wi making these decisions?

  4. Lee & Robbie: My memory is vague anymore so there's gaps in what I'm about to say. For more accurate info, than my memory, I suggest you contact the Twin Cities Muskie's Inc chapter. Back in the 90's White Bear Lake, metro lake, was stocked with Wisconsin strain fish before they put in Leech Lake strain. Not sure but Minnetonka might have got them too. 

    Anyhow, the point is that there might be info available from MN DNR & Twin Cities & North Metro chapters of Muskie's Inc that might show growth rates of W.I. vs L.L. strain of muskies here in the metro area. That info might be of use to you for your W.I. stocking efforts. Rod Ramsell, Larry's relative, was in charge of metro muskie stocking back then.

    If you want help contacting Twin Cities. M.I. let me know. I can put you in touch with the chapter board of directors. Hope this helps.

  5. Wild to hear you guys talk about lake N. My family has had a cabin on the lake for 5 generations now. Ive seen muskies in there but over the past 20yrs or so only maybe 6-7 but all were giants. I doubt there is much natural reproduction though bc in 15 yrs of fishing for pike etc I’ve never caught even a small one – if there is natural reproduction where are the 20-30inch fish.
    Also my brother landed a 53” back in about 2004-5. I’d say not worth you time if you’re looking to catch musky – they are in there but you might have to fish a couple years to find one. Also pike and bass size structure is poor. Walleye are few and far between 2019 surveys kind of show that

  6. I heard Jordan talk about this on a podcast recently, and my first thought is that he's got bad data or simply not paying attention to what people are actually catching.

  7. After the early genetic studies were done, it was clear very poor breeding and stocking programs were being conducted by the hatcheries. In their defense, some of based simply on lack of information. Once the genetic studies were done, breeding and stocking practices were changed. However, in that preceding time, many native fisheries were confounded badly. Our DNR, historically, has been very resistant to making changes in their fish culture practices, I can speak to this personally and as fact. They fight anything new tooth and nail. They hire only from within for promotions, never bringing in any new ideas or innovations. They also refuse, due to political correctness, the elephant in the room…native winter Musky spearing. If you bring it up, you are immediately dismissed as "racist", but losses of mature spawning age fish due to this practice are quite real, but are not addressed. Bottom line, who comes to WI get to get a big Musky, except maybe the Madison chain? NO ONE.

  8. Cover up what? What is the motive? There has to be a money trail somewhere, but where? You guys are doing a great job with your podcast, but if you want to make a difference, dig deep for answers, and don't be afraid to make some enimy s

  9. Pls ask Larry what was the incentive or motivation for the widnr to downplay the leech lake strain, we why? As a biologist, you would think they would be excited to create such a fishery, makes no sense

  10. Lmfao what a shit show. You guys act as if Larry Ramsell is the end all be all. That guy clearly has had it against the WI dnr for years. Why does he go to New York to catch big fish why does he fish the St Lawrence the way he talks you think he was in Wisconsin this whole time. If you want to have a real conversation why don't you guys invite Jordan weeks and Larry on at the same time? Make it fair at least


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