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Cluck bait or click bait. Catfish Dave investigates .


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  1. That's exactly what my best friend and I use. Raw chicken breast. My best friend asked me when I started using it about a year and half ago and he asked me what was I using? I told him that he wouldn't believe me if I told him. He said man just tell me what you are using. I told him raw chicken, and he said, man give me some of that chicken. We caught 19 big blue catfish that day and been using it every since.

  2. Chicken breast is a very good bait for catfish especially blue cats I'm caught him up here on the river in Missouri 3540 lb Blues fishing off the bank around where I live the chicken breast works better in the winter time

  3. Well ill be damn, it did work. I have caught a good bit on chicken but where I fish there are not any that big. Fishing is fishing, ill take a good day with any size and enjoy. Thank your for the video and keep up the fun work my friend.


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