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We’re jacked for another season of musky fishing! We hope you guys are too! Get out there and land your new Personal Best! Really hope you enjoy the video! We’re always looking forward to hearing from you guys in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks for watching!

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  2. James Doran I'm from MN too. I never got one but sooooo many close calls. Literally tossing a gram silver spoon across the whole Mississippi width, get it 4 ft from shore and then the 5 ft muskie hits…….scares the bejeebus out of me, yanking the spoon away from this trophy fish and promptly hooking myself in the back of the calf muscle…all from shore. Wasn't boat worthy.

  3. My cousin misjudged a musky. He ended up with a great amount of stitches in his arm for his carelessness of the fishes mouth location. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE PIKE A D MUSKY. Keep an eye on their mouth un regard to your location.

  4. I envy you guys and gals that get to fish for these monsters! Such aggression, such an epic battle! We have some large salmon and sturgeon here in SW Idaho, but NOTHING that compares to this!

  5. Anyone know of any documents proving that the stocking of trout or any other species will have a positive effect of musky size and or population? Trying to get my local forest preserve to get involved in the musky population

  6. I feel like I got lucky 1st time I tried musky fishing at a local lake I landed a 50” with no leader on a old st croix rod from the 90,s, second time I tried musky fishing I landed a 40,1/4” pike. Both the biggest fish I have ever landed. Haven’t tried for musky again but hopefully my streak continues!

  7. The saying is "Musky, everything else is just bait" You should show more girls catching them. This is gender equal sport. Ohh and maybe a transgender to, we don't
    want muskie fishing to be insensitive.

  8. I don't "fish" for muskies. Having said that; one of the thrills of my life was catching a 30 inch Tiger Musky out of Trout Stream… unexpected and awesome fight on ultra-light tackle, 6 lb test and no steel leader. I can see why people target them.

  9. Man were some of those big muskies. I've never went muskie fishing before but now I want to. I don't think i'd catch anything if I went muskie fishing because i'm not strong enough because i'm not old enough. But I would love to do that when i'm older. P.S. your video is awesome.

  10. how hard would it be to go from all bass fishing to muskie? ive always wanted to try muskie. i live in vermont. but not sure how pheesable it is in my location? i only have a cheap fishing kayak for a boat


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