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Watch James Lindner and Jeremy Smith experiment and find out how individual lures have unique triggering characteristics which get Muskies in the weeds to bite.
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  1. Its funny watching these videos where they use "tuna tackle" to catch musky. On the Detroit River when we jig for walleye we always catch Muskies in the 40 inch plus class on 6 to 8 pound line with no steel leader! Talk about fun!!!!

  2. It's cheating using line that doesn't break. Using 80lb test for a 20lb fish is ridiculous. Same thing with bass fisherman. You should be using a test that's close to the fish's weight. Give the fish a chance. Where's the challenge in this?

  3. It's all down to how you fight them – if you screw the drag down and hang on for grim death like in the film then of course you'll need very heavy tackle but if you use a bit of subtlety – let the fish run into open water and guide it away from weed etc (or even pull it hard towards it then watch it turn and run in the opposite direction – try that sometime, but only when it's far enough away for a long pull) you can really lighten the tackle down (15 lb line will land anything in the right hands) loosen the drag (or better still backwind on a fixed spool for real control) and really have some fun, but don't overtire them – even on 15 lb line you can bully them to the boat when you have to, if your tackle's set up right and you're on the ball it'll take a helluva lot to snap that when the fish is beginning to tire.  Personally if I thought I had to use 80lb tackle to land fish way less than that I'd take up gill netting (NOT!), it would be just as sporting … 

  4. Ive landed a 46" tiger on 6lb. Wasnt targeting Musky when I caught it but with your drag set right it can be done if your line doesnt get chewed through. I always use 80lb braid with a 120# fluoro leader when Im specifically fishing Musky.

  5. Muskies and pike two completly diffrent animals just because a male can fertalize the eggs doesnt mean they are the same …a muskie is muskie and thats it. if i were to compare a muskie with anything besides a barred spotted or pure strain would be a bass ive caught more largemouth bass muskie fishing than i have pike. A muskie is the most unique species that has ever swam this earth.

  6. 80 lb test line has a couple of other important features. You can "horse" the fish a lot more, get it to net faster, and release it before it's completely exhausted like you'd have to play it w/ lighter lines. This is better for fish survivability. Another reason is that a thicker line is less likely to weave itself down into the line on the spool. This can cause line abrasion and increases the chances of backlash.

  7. they are not "alot different" than pike, the northern pike and muskie are just about as biologically close as it can get without being the same species. In fact they can even be interbred to produce the tiger muskie, any two species that can interbreed are very very very close biolgically

  8. Is Muskie fishing a whole other thing than fishing on Pike???
    I live in the Netherlands and i only catch Pike, Zander and Bass…We got some more species but those are the fishes i catch the most with lures and spinners things like that…They really look like eachother but it seems that a Pike is more easy to trigger allmost never need 2 make the figure 8..But first i thought they are the same fish just called different by different people but it aint the same species.COOL fish though

  9. But a Muskie seems to be real strong so it will be a struggle for sure but i think it's surely more difficult in a kayak…But it will still be a struggle and real sport…Nice adventure is coming to that guy

  10. scared to death???Thatz the fun of fishing in a kayak not really big fishes can drag you around the river and you need to give a real fight to get the fish but maybe in a bellyboat it's a little more easy cause you can resist against the fish with your scuba flippers or how you call that and in a kayak when you hooked a fish you are literally at the mercy of the fish and you can't resist cause your hands full with your rod than he will take you on a ride but in a belly-boat it's easy to do

  11. and than get eatin by the Muskie family right…Would be great dont YOU think.
    Dont know why y'all people that happy with other people's bad things and hope things are going the wrong way so we can have a laugh


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