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MUSKY BATTLE 2020! Congrats to the winners, had an awesome time and I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please hit that subscribe button for me to follow along with all the content dropping this month (find out what’s up at the end of the vid) and I’ll see you guys soon!

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Lake Vermillion Minnesota Musky Fishing (AJ Weisner)

Anderson’s Northland Resort on Leech Lake –

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Miami Peacock Bass Fishing (Scott Rose)
Saint Clair Musky Fishing (Mark Kornosky)
SW Virginia Musky Fishing (Sam Scott)


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  1. This is on leach? I was up there in the summer in 2017 and had a big musk break me off while i was throwing a spinner for bass in reeds just like ur fishing. sadly my 8 pound broke instantly and he didn't show interest in my bulldog i threw when i saw him . He aired on my spinner like 10 yards from the boat. The 2nd musky ive had hit baits. The first was a 48 on Lake Minnetonka In Minnetonka MN my first and only musky.


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