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We got some sweet footage of a fish eating bait underwater. A nice flathead slammed a live minnow and Luke was able to get that underwater fish bite on camera! There is no better cast than putting it right in front of their face. We then share some tips on bobber fishing with minnows for catfish to round it all out! Hope yall enjoy.

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Gear Used Below:
The Dunker (Bobber):

I like the nice big 3 in bobbers. They are really easy to see and fun to watch get DUNKED!

The sinker:

This provides a variety pack of sinkers, so you can vary how much weight you need. I use about an ounce where I fish, but based on different currents you may want more or less weight.

Leader Line:

50 lb mono is my go to for leader line when catfishing in rivers. I generally tie about a 5 – 6 foot leader off my main line, whatever is necessary to get that bait right above the bottom.


I pretty much exclusively use circle hooks when catfishing with either live or cut bait. Don’t need to set the hook hard, just add tension and the fish will hook itself.

Favorite Catfishing Rod & Reels:,, &

If you are just getting into catfishing here are some great options! The Penn Fierce or Battle II is my go to rod for catfishing. In order to catch big fish you are going to need at least a 6000 size rod and reel. It’s also super versatile and I often use it when I go fishing inshore in saltwater. Catches just about everything!

Cast Net:

I like the 5 foot cast nets. Not too big that you can’t throw it in confined situations but wide enough to increase your chances of catching fish.

Landing Net:

Once you get the catfish out of the hole and to the surface a landing net is very useful to throw the fish in. Once they get to the surface they often roll around a lot, so having a net to put them in decreases the chance you miss them.


Recently upgraded to the GoPro Hero 7 Black – love the quality and built in movement stabilization.

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