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We decided to see if Hotdogs are better bait than the Catfish Dough bait that you can buy at Walmart.

What do you think is the better catfish bait?

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  1. Before this starts I'm going for hotdogs but should of bought cheese hotdogs . That doughbait smells like poop and looks like it too . And for both I use a bait needle and put them on treble hooks 😉🤙 The power baits work nicely too but are very strong smelling . And yes catfish will eat corn no problem just like carp but mostly channels or bullheads on corn. Dude when you opened the poop baits I just started laughing when you said smells like shit I'm over here going told you so lmao 🤣👌Man that first one dang that hook almost got him . And than one on the power bait they do work 😉🤙 the next he got was on a hotdog right so 2 hotdog and one power bait. Double up you got a hotdog cat ☺️🤙 and he got one on oh wait both rods of his . Channels are feeding. And bam your hooked on the hotdog again . He surely was bleeding a bit . Normally if you dip them in the water and pull them back out the blood stops. You got another dog cat lol beef and cheesedogs are best but they eat all hotdogs . And ya hooked on the doughbait 😉👌 Yeah the poop bait sucks lol hotdogs with the Win like I figured . And yes the power bait works that poop magic bait does suck badly . Great episode. Is there a river with Flats and Blue cats near you ? Love to see you pull a 50 + cat out the water 😎👍👍

  2. To be completely accurate catfish school up in one area. . Should’ve rotated the bates on the rod holder. See if the mr catfish would catch a fish where the hotdogs was and vice versa.

  3. I use magic bait in California, Arizona and Nevada. It is great and catches plenty catfish

    The one I use is Crayfish with chicken blood. All the others do not work so well or not at all.

    Give it one more try with crayfish and chicken blood please. It may work for you. Nice video and keep your lines tight

    Old Man Ron
    Boondockin Ron

  4. How do you bait a hotdog on a treble hook? Do you cut 3 pieces and cover each point? Or you cover 2 and leave one exposed? I always use a single hook and never a treble hook, can you please explain how you do it?

  5. I nearly caught a 10lb+ catfish I was taking out the water snapped the line off of fresh cut bream head and hot dogs work like the smell of pizza at new york the catfish never get tired of them (did anyone get the joke? Lol) well thx on the review I was wondering if I should get some of the dough balls but I know now possible not I'm prob still gonna try them but thanks again merry christmas (if you celebrate) and have a good new year (2020)😊

  6. Great content. I think you deserve way more views. I recommend you google SMZeus! I’ve been using it to promote my main channel and it helped me get my videos higher in the search results.

  7. I've caught some of my best channels on cut bait fresher the better but for big flathead's live three to four inch bluegills.
    This year was super tough for them where I live so midsummer I started Bass fishing again.


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