Massive Tuna on Ultra Light Gear

There’s a lot to admire in this ten minute video that is the culmination of an hour-long fight with a massive bluefin tuna off Prince Edward Island in Nova Scotia. They don’t seem to offer any confirmation of the “1000 pound” claim, but when you finally see the fish, the brute is plenty big enough!

The fisherman lands him with a 11.8 oz. super light Black Hole Cape Cod Special 450g conventional rod with 45-55 lb. drag. The strength of the “nano carbon” is not to be believed. Even though you know he’s going to get his fish, there are moments when the rod surely has to snap!

The gear is impressive, but so is the angler. Watch while he leans into his Braid Brute Buster fighting harness for support. You can almost feel his shoulders and knees burning as he reels this fish in by inches.

Lone angler takes on a massive bluefin using a super light rod.

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Category: Saltwater Gamefish Videos » Tuna

Tags: bait casting, bluefin, Nova Scotia, Pacific Ocean, Prince Edward Island, trolling

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