Fishing Norway for Giant Halibut

These guys are pretty hard core fishermen. You have to be if you fish the Barents Sea North of Norway.

The halibut they hook up is a monster. Every time they got it within 20 meters of the boat, it dove back down to the bottom, taking line out to over 150 meters.

If pays to be good physical shape if you go after the king of flatfish. Once hooked, all you can do is play the game, until the fish tires out. Hopefully you’ve got more than one angler on board, so you can take turns.

The finally do manage to get the hali up to the boat, but get this, they dive into the ice cold Arctic water in their survival suits (don’t try this at home kids) to measure it at 180 centimeters long (5 feet 11 inches). The estimated weight is 90 kilos (198 pounds).

If it was me, I’d rather head over to the coast of British Columbia to catch hali that big. At least it’s warm there. LOL… but it’s a well known fact, the colder the water, the tastier the catch.

This video shows a Nordic safari for a 200 pound halibut. It’s a tiring battle, but in the end, the result is one amazing fish.

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