Bluefin Tuna Fishing New York

You can hear the reel screaming and the tuna fighting. The anglers have to tag team to try and catch this one.

The bend in the rod is so serious, it looks as though its going to break. This little bluefin is putting up a heck of a fight.

They finally land this scrapper, but don’t get too long to celebrate. The fisherman at the front of the boat also has a fish on. So they drop what they’re doing and go lend him a hand.

In the end it’s smiles all around. Even the second fish is smiling, because after it gets weighed in, and has a photo op, it’s set free back into the ocean. Seriously, I swear that fish was smiling. LOL

Trolling hoochies off the coast of New York leads to nice bluefin tuna and smiles all around.

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