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GoneFishingVideos.com is the Internet’s hand-built directory of angling videos. It’s a labor of love, that’s operated by a small group of fanatics.

We love to go fishing, but when we can’t, we like to watch, collect and curate videos. It’s the next best thing to being there. We hope you enjoy watching them, as much as we do finding them for you.

When we say that it’s a safe place to watch video, it’s because we moderate all comments on our site. So unlike Youtube, you won’t see swearing, flame wars, name calling and other silliness.

We want our website to be the kind of entertainment the whole family can enjoy. So even though we feature Youtube videos, we aim for a better user experience.

You can find clips on this site a couple of different ways. You can use the built in search function, or click on your favorite category in the right hand column. Some of the most popular categories are salmon, trout, bass, tuna, catfish and walleye.

If you like what we’re doing, you can contribute, by helping us spread the word by telling your friends. If you have suggestions for clips that you’d like to see, please let us know.

It is our dream that our website will encourage you to:

Photo of a young couple lake fishing for bass from a boat.

1) Go angling more often and try new types of tackle and techniques.

2) Conserve our fish stocks by practicing catch and release.

3) Spend more time with your family and friends in outdoor activities.

The future of sport fishing looks bright. And we thank you for visiting our site.

Skipper and Crew

P. S.

People love angling so much that it’s the #4 leisure activity in America. Why?
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